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Sliding sash windows

Ingenious and practical, the sliding sash window is a much loved

and prominent feature of period buildings across the country.

Using traditional skills and high performance materials, Scotts

sliding sash windows are made in several styles making them

ideal for use in new build projects or as replacements for

existing dilapidated windows.

Classic design

The classic sliding sash window is the ideal solution for listed

buildings. This traditional design sash window offers a faithful

replica of the original for today’s building environment and

incorporates slender glazing bars, rails and ironmongery

with various finishes. Traditional weights and pulleys offer an

exceptionally smooth operation on even the largest sliding

sash window installations.


The slim-box design of sash window is ideal for properties

without a window reveal. Similar in design to the classic sliding

sash window, this style utilises spiral balances instead of the

weights and pulleys, so reducing the overall box width by

50mm. The exterior appearance is identical to the traditional

deep box sliding sash window.

Slide and tilt

Designed to simplify cleaning, the slide and tilt window has

the advantage of two tilting sashes. Discreet locking systems

preserve the overall elegance of the window and maintain the

period feel. This window is ideal for elevated locations where

easy cleaning or emergency access is an important issue.

Yorkshire slider

Opening horizontally rather than vertically, the “Yorkshire

Slider” is a traditional feature of some older,country properties.

It has all the advantages of Scotts classic sash windows and the

running gear provides a clean and positive action.