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CNC Solutions

Whether you have one-off specials, short runs or long runs, Scotts can offer you a CNC routing service

to meet your requirements.

Scotts has two modern computer controlled CNC routers in operation at the company's manufacturing unit in Thrapston. The benefit of such machines is the flexibility they can offer in terms of cutting and shaping timber

and plastic products to create a stunning end product for you and your customers.


The CNC router offers a variety of features including:

  • Unique designs for display units, cabinets and furniture
  • Production of templates for a variety of manufacturing or construction applications
  • 3D output for signage or models
  • Individual patterns on doors, decorative or fretted panels

Infact, Scotts can cut, shape and profile virtually any timber based or plastic products at virtually any size up to a maximum of 1.4m wide x 6m long.

Brief Technical Specification

Technically, the CNC capabilities include:

  • 3 axis machine allowing for 3D moulding of timber
  • Vertical router as well as horizontal, ideal for machining locks, hinges, etc.
  • C axis for applications such as moulding curved worktops
All we require from you is a design, preferably as a CAD based drawing, and we will quote a competitive price to meet your project deadline.