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Personalising your timber garage

The Scotts range of timber garages can be personalised to suit your specific tastes and requirements. The main options are detailed here but should you require any additional extras please ask our garages sales team for advice.

GARAGE DOORS - A range of pressure treated, timber framed, ledged and braced doors are available to suit and can be stained if required. Steel and timber up and over doors are also offered, with a vast range of colours and finishes to choose from. The up and over doors can be supplied with a remote control option if desired. Taller and wider garage door options for other vehicles can be accommodated as necessary and the Scotts team can offer advice as needed.

Framed, ledged and braced side entrance doors can also be designed into any of the Scotts garages for quick and easy access.

WINDOWS - Standard casement windows can be specified into any of the garage designs for additional light and ventilation. An etched window on the gable end, in various shapes and with personalised logo, is becoming a popular addition adding value to the overall finish. Alternatively, specialist windows can be designed into any of the Scotts garages.

ROOFING - A wide range of roofing materials, such as felt, felt tiles, Metrotile, sedum and cedar shingles can be used to suit individual customer preference. Alternatively, trussed rafters can be supplied to take clay or slate tiles, so that the garage can blend in with existing buildings.

ROOM-IN-THE-ROOF - The room-in-the-roof trussed rafter is a simple and economical way of providing additional storage space within your timber garage.

BARGE BOARDS - Decorative barge boards provide a distinctive finishing touch to any garage. Barge boards can be supplied in a variety of designs and colour finishes.

VENTILATION - All timber buildings need to have adequate ventilation and this will be incorporated within any Scotts timber garage or workshop.

CLOCKS, CLOCK TOWERS AND WEATHERVANES - A clock is a notable feature, which enhances the appearance and value of a building and its surroundings. Scotts offers a range of traditionally styled clock towers, to blend in with your building. The shape of the tower roof can be changed and there is a wide choice of clocks, from contemporary to heritage styling. Weathervanes can also be chosen, to similarly add the final finishing touch to any building or clock tower.

All of the optional extras above are priced individually, depending on the actual requirement. Please speak to our garages sales team for further advice.