As the icy grip of winter begins to take hold, it is reassuring to know that you can still enjoy the comfort of your summerhouse as a delightful hideaway in which to relax. 

What better place to enjoy the views of your frost-tipped garden and watch the local wildlife going about its business.

Here at Scotts, we believe it is important to provide garden rooms that can be enjoyed all year round and, over the years, we have developed specific optional accessories to ensure this is possible.

All of our summerhouses, except the Balmoral, can be internally lined, to eaves height. We use 9mm thick exterior grade, moisture resistant, MDF tongue and groove effect lining in a painted finish. This is fitted to the walls along with skirting to the bottom of each panel. This lining adds the perfect finishing touch to any building. If desired, insulation can also be supplied to help lock in warmth.

All summerhouses which are supplied with a cedar shingle roof can be underlined as an alternative to the plain cream fabric lining. The underlining, supplied in an off-white paint finish, is manufactured from 9mm exterior grade MDF which is also moisture resistant and provides extra insulation against the cold weather.

We offer double glazing and insulation for all summerhouse models (excluding the Balmoral). The double glazing is supplied with clear, low E energy saving glass.

On certain models, we offer a durable flooring option. This unique, woven vinyl flooring gives you the natural feel and texture of sisal and seagrass, whilst also being pleasant and warm underfoot. It is also waterproof and easy to clean.

As the nights draw in, we also offer a solar lighting package capable of delivering energy at 12v to power lights, a fan and charging for mobile and laptop devices. The solar lighting kit includes a table lamp and a floor lamp both with vintage bulbs.

Additionally, if you have electricity to your summerhouse, why not consider a convector or greenhouse heater to add warmth for the cooler months? Plus, you can also use hurricane lanterns to provide a welcoming glow.

And, adding plenty of cushions, faux fur throws and blankets will create the perfect winter retreat in which to curl up with a hot chocolate, listen to music or enjoy a good book.

A summerhouse is an investment that can not only add value to your property but it can extend your enjoyment of your garden during the winter months.  Make sure you can enjoy your summerhouse all year round.