Traditionally, trusses have been considered to be a means of providing a structure for new buildings and simply used to support a roof.

However, there is growing demand for the installation of bespoke bespoke feature trusses which create the centrepiece of an architectural design.  They can be engineered, using either hardwood or softwood, to maintain or enhance the aesthetic integrity of any building.

We have seen exposed bolted feature trusses used to create a natural and authentic feel throughout a range of buildings, from homes to schools and public houses. They really provide a focal point which can be designed to bring any room to life.

They aren’t just suitable for indoor rooms however, it’s also becoming increasingly popular to use bespoke feature trusses as an ornate roof to provide shelter and create an outdoor space.

Whether it be a studio, a workshop or just somewhere to relax, the use of wooden feature trusses creates a functional space, whilst complementing the natural surroundings. They can help create the perfect environment to entertain and enjoy al fresco dining with drinks on warm summer nights.

And equally, if it rains, a sheltered outdoor area provides an opportunity to wrap up warm and enjoy the fresh air whilst taking cover under a weatherproof structure.

Scotts of Thrapston offers a design and manufacture service for bespoke feature trusses to help you create a beautiful new structure or recreate something that is in keeping with a traditional building.

We design feature trusses that suit your needs with a range of options including choice of wood, finish, colour and a selection of exterior fittings.

So, allow your imagination to run wild and use feature trusses to provide a stunning extension to your home or simply to add character to renovation projects within your property.

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