With the launch of our new ‘Nature’ summerhouse fabric, which features some of our favourite wild animals including hedgehogs, we decided to support the British Hedgehog Preservation Society.

We donated £25 for every set of ‘Nature’ cushions we sold during this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show and will do the same during the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, which runs from July 3 – July 8. We also ran a successful competition on Twitter with a lovely collection of hedgehog-inspired goodies up for grabs which certainly spiked the interest of our followers.

So, as we all seem to love the British hedgehog, here are some facts and helpful tips about this delightful creature:

  1. If you find a hedgehog in distress, use gardening gloves to pick it up and put it in a high-sided cardboard box with an old towel or covered hot water bottle for warmth. Put the box somewhere quiet and seek advice.
  2. Hedgehogs hibernate between November and mid-March. If you accidentally disturb a hedgehog’s nest, replace the material. If it wakes up, provide dishes of dog food and water each night until it starts hibernating again.
  3. If you want to offer food for your garden visitor, provide meaty cat or dog food or complete cat biscuits and fresh water.
  4. Hedgehogs should never sunbathe – if you see one doing this in your garden it needs help. If a hedgehog looks drunk, it is hypothermic and urgently needs help. Equally, if it is lethargic, laid out, has flies around it, or is wobbly, call an association such as the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and seek advice.
  5. Avoid the use of slug pellets as these are poisonous as well as garden chemicals.
  6. If you want to attract hedgehogs, leave wild areas and avoid tidying up your garden too much.
  7. Always check for hedgehogs before lighting a bonfire, mowing long grass or strimming.
  8. If you have a pond, provide a slipway so that any hedgehogs which end up in the water can get out safely.
  9. The fleas found on hedgehogs are actually host specific, and will not survive for long on any other species, be it pets or people.

For more information about caring for hedgehogs, visit The British Hedgehog Preservation Society website.