When it comes to romance on Valentine’s Day, why not think a little outside the box and create your very own love shack in the garden?

Just because it is February doesn’t mean your summerhouse cannot be put to good use with the right preparations. It means you can treat your loved one to an evening that is a little different than just going out for a meal.

Here are some ideas to help you turn your beautiful summerhouse into a cosy romantic retreat for that perfect Valentine’s evening:

  • Create a trail of false petals to lead your loved one down from the house through the garden to your very own love shack.
  • Lighting is all important when it comes to creating a romantic atmosphere. Use lanterns both inside and outside the summerhouse to create a welcoming glow.
  • Fairy lights always add a touch of sparkle, especially heart-shaped ones, and they can create a delightful focal point inside which helps to set the scene.
  • Dress your summerhouse – hearts are a massive style statement at the moment, so hang heart decorations from the walls or choose a striking ornament that can take centre stage.
  • Add red cushions and throws to help keep you both warm as the evening draws in and create a cosy vibe.
  • With few flowers in bloom in the garden, create a beautiful scented display for your summerhouse with shop bought flowers.
  • Create your own romantic picnic, served from a basket, that you can eat while snuggled up in your cosy love shack with a bottle of your favourite drink on ice.
                We hope this helps you use your summerhouse to bring a real touch of romance to Valentine’s Day.