With the cricket season well underway, plenty of players and spectators will be enjoying this great summer sport.

However, behind every successful cricket club, there is usually a practical yet attractive pavilion that becomes the focal point of the day – from providing changing rooms and a delightful place for spectators, to sit to hosting that all important lunch or afternoon tea for the visiting club.

The pavilion is a place for celebration and commiseration and is where dreams are stored and equipment housed. It says as much about the club’s success as the team’s score and this is where Scotts of Thrapston can step in.

We have had a relationship with Lord’s, the Home of Cricket, since 2013 and can provide inspired design features that will truly set your pavilion apart from the rest.
Our unique agreement with Lord’s means that we can include clock towers that feature the Lord’s and old Father Time brands. The clock tower can add visual interest to any building and can be supplied either as an addition to your existing pavilion or as a finishing touch to your new Scotts-designed clubhouse.

Cricket fans can also purchase the magnificent replica benches of the iconic white benches that are found within the world-famous Lord’s pavilion.

Additional pavilion features can include weather vanes and verandahs, which can provide the perfect spot for team members and spectators to shelter from the weather – come rain or shine.

Our timber pavilions and clubhouses are adaptable and versatile and can be designed to suit exact needs and within budget. Features can include specialist windows, featuring obscured, toughened, tinted and laminated double glazed units that can include anti-bandit glass to protect against even the best-struck cricket ball. Extra wide doors can be used to provide disabled access, as well as high-security doors for equipment stores.

Scotts will work with you and your local contractors to produce a fully-lined and insulated building, if required, to meet Building Regulation approval. Then all that is left for you to do, is plan that celebration opening match.