Giving internal doors a strong style statement by using feature grooves or patterned veneers is becoming a major trend this year.

It seems homeowners are willing to go that extra mile to get the look they desire and we have seen a rise in orders from clients wanting bespoke internal doors that speak as much about their personality as they do about design.

People are realising the marked effect timber doors can have on a property, which has led to a greater interest in the wide range of woods and veneers on offer.

Buyers are requesting eye-catching designs of which feature grooves and panels are leading the way, offering distinctive and unique doors to enhance any property. In addition, smoked and dyed veneers are becoming more popular this year, as they create a contemporary look with dark greys and black the favourite colours of choice.

We have been at the forefront of timber door design in the UK for more than 50 years, during which time we have tracked numerous trends in woods and finishes.

We have seen a growing trend in recent years for lighter wood doors, using Beech, Cherry and American White Oak, and the popularity of these woods continues. However, darker woods, especially Walnut, are now starting to emerge as the wood of choice.

The lighter tones delivered a noticeably clean appearance and contemporary look, which is now being asked for in darker tones, hence the popularity of Walnut. American Black Walnut also has a deserved reputation for delivering a rich and exclusive look.

People are also asking for different veneers on each side of their internal doors to match the décor in the rooms they are facing, for example a bedroom and en suite or a hallway and living room, so that the doors have different looks to match the various rooms.

Take a look at our Internal Doors photo gallery for some inspiration for your renovation or new build project.