The use of engineered floor systems is a growing trend throughout the UK, providing a practical and cost-effective alternative to traditional solid timber floor joists, I-joists and concrete flooring. However, what aspects of this system make it such a practical product in both a domestic and commercial setting?

Open web design

It promotes quick, easy and cost-effective installation of services, including waste water pipes, electrical cabling, heating and plumbing. The open design eliminates the need for holes to be drilled or cut in the joist.

Efficient to install

A large bearing surface allows a speedy set out of joists and improves joist stability, promoting less installation time. A wider fixing point offers a more generous surface for fixing plasterboard etc to floors and ceilings. Suitable for timber frame or masonry walls.

Design flexibility

We can design and manufacture a complete floor system to suit your specification, reducing site wastage and labour costs.

Improved performance

The metal web floor system allows for the installation of a rigid strongback that reduces vibration and improves the overall performance of the floor. The reduced timber section used in the manufacture of the easi-joist, combined with the metal web, means that there is less loss of moisture and shrinkage, providing a quieter and longer lasting floor system.


The combination of smaller timber sections with the lightweight metal web means the finished product is lighter than solid timber and much lighter than timber equivalents.

Here at Scotts of Thrapston, we have partnered with Wolf Systems to offer the easi-joist metal web floor system, which uses the latest design and production technology. If you require further information or a quote from Scotts, phone our friendly team on 01832 732366, e-mail: or visit our easi-joist web page.