At Scotts, we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to ensure the smooth and safe operation of construction sites.

By offering services such as just-in-time delivery and expert advice, we aim to ensure the safe delivery of your products.

One example is roof trusses, or trussed rafters, which can vary in size, shape, and weight. It means they can easily become unstable when handling or storing them on site. It is important that all contractors arrange the correct resources and procedures to ensure the safe handling of trusses on site.

Unloading of trusses

Contractors on site are responsible for the unloading of the roof trusses when they are delivered. Sufficient and suitable resources should be already prepared and allocated to ensure the trusses are unloaded safely, in the correct way.

Mechanical handling equipment, such as a forklift or crane, is recommended to move these units, and they must be unloaded in a way that does not overstress the trusses.

Scotts has a number of unloading method statements readily available to assist you in the unloading of your trusses, whether with a forklift, a crane and even if the trusses are inverted.

Our trusses are delivered in tight bundles, using the correct bindings, to allow contractors to unload the trusses safely without any falls or injuries.

Site storage of trusses

Scotts will organise the delivery of your roof trusses just-in-time, to minimise site storage time. However, where longer periods of storage are necessary, the trusses should be adequately protected with covers and fixed to allow for proper ventilation around the trusses.

Roof trusses can be stored vertically or horizontally, but this must be done correctly to prevent them from toppling over and injuring staff or causing other risks.

The chosen storage method must ensure the bundled or individual trussed rafters are fully supported and restrained. They should also not make direct contact with the ground or any vegetation and must be arranged to prevent distortion.

For further advice or technical information, please get in contact with our Truss Design Team.

Take a look at the TRA‘s infographic below to see the do’s and don’ts of how to handle trussed rafters on site, or download the PDF here.

TRA Trussed rafters on site infographic