Here at Scotts of Thrapston, we pride ourselves on a heritage that spans nearly 99 years in which we have become experts on how to work with wood, providing products that have met the correct standards throughout every decade.

That is why it is important to us to be a member of the Trussed Rafter Association (TRA), as we adhere to the most stringent principles of best practice and quality assurance.

The TRA is committed to stringent standards of quality and service and sets a professional benchmark for the trussed rafter and metal web joist industry. As a TRA member, we have been vetted and approved by the industry’s leading professional association.

Using ISO 9001 and the TRA Code of Practice, we can offer every customer the highest levels of manufacturing excellence and customer service, supplying all structural roof components, from the wall plate up, while all elements of the final trussed rafter, including delivery services, are quality assured.

In compliance with our environmental policy, all timber is cut from managed forests and sustainable sources and we have achieved PEFC certification. All timber is then kiln dried and stress graded to BS EN 519 and meets the highest British and European quality standards.

The Scotts roofing package includes all necessary metal connectors, such as joist hangers, truss clips, straps and ties. Construction grade galvanised nailplates, made to BS EN 10147, with a 60-year warranty are used throughout. Bespoke and special metal fixings for specific applications are designed and made to order.

As a TRA member, we provide truss designs for all types of home builders, from major volume housebuilders to individual self and custom builders.

For further information or a quotation, please contact the sales team on 01832 732366 or e-mail: