Trusses come in many shapes and sizes and can be particularly effective in commercial settings where a larger roof is needed, especially in buildings such as retail units, factories, warehouses, schools and sports halls.

Roof trusses provide a framework to support the roof fabric, ceilings and floors and are a highly engineered product.

Prefabricated timber roof trusses are used in more than 90 per cent of all modern housing and an increasingly large proportion of commercial and industrial buildings.  They are specified by many construction companies and housebuilders as they offer flexibility and value for money, as compared to other roof construction methods.

Trussed rafter sizes for commercial application go beyond the standard domestic timbers to allow for much greater spans. With timber roof trusses, large spans and challenging roof contours are no barrier to creating innovative, eye-catching design solutions.

Timber roof trusses are thermally efficient, renewable and reliable and can be used on a wide range of building types including steel frame, timber frame and masonry.

Using the latest software, we can design roof structures and trusses to meet the most exacting commercial specifications and can provide detailed drawings and calculations for submission to planning authorities.

Our specialist roof structures division offers a complete package as we follow each project right through to completion, including design, fabrication and delivery on-site.

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