Traditionally, January is a time when people look to the future, make their New Year Resolutions and plan for the Summer by booking a holiday. It is also a great time to look closer to home, and to what changes can be made to vastly improve your property. 

One such addition is a garden summerhouse which can create a quiet retreat, a great place for entertaining or an ‘extension’ that can provide extra space for hobbies or a place to work from home.

Preparing your garden for a summerhouse need not be as daunting as you think, as our experts are on hand to advise you.

The location of the summerhouse is likely to dictate the size and style, whether it is a gazebo that provides a sheltered space in which to sit and enjoy the garden, a corner summerhouse that provides more panoramic views, or a larger design to make full use of the space your garden offers.

However, if you enjoy the sunshine and cannot decide between morning or evening sun, or like Jane Austen believe that “To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment” then we certainly have the answer in our rotating base. It allows you to simply turn your summerhouse so you can face the sun, turn away from its heat or simply change the view of your garden.

Once you have chosen your summerhouse design and your preferred size, a pre-prepared level hardstanding base needs to be created, using materials such as concrete or smooth paving slabs, preferably to a minimum depth of 100mm. Whoever undertakes the groundwork will be able to advise and supply what is needed.

Planning permission is not generally required unless you live in a conservation area or in a Listed Property and providing the building is sited at least two metres from your boundary. Our experts can certainly guide you and it may be advisable to clarify individual needs with your local planning authority.

Where a planning application is necessary, Scotts’ personnel will be happy to help with the process by providing full scale drawings. Once the preparations are in place, it is time to sit back, finalise your summerhouse design, pick your colour and choose your upholstery – then start planning those Summer parties!