As the wintery cold snap starts to bite, it can reveal that your windows may no longer be up to the job of keeping your home well insulated and warm.

Letting in draughts and cold air is a major sign that it is time to start thinking about replacing your windows, while bearing in mind that they do have a typical life span of around 20 years.

Running a heat-efficient home can affect your heating bills and swapping single pane glass for double glazing is a good place to start.

One of the most obvious signs that your windows need replacing is when they become rotten, and this can be more damaging than just making your home draughty. Rotten windows can spoil your kerb appeal and lessen the value of your property, while older, single pane glass also gives little protection from the sun’s rays, causing your furniture and carpets to fade.

One sign that a double glazed unit needs replacing is if it becomes misty, or if condensation forms between the two panes of glass, as this usually means it has ‘failed’ or ‘blown’. It is not only unsightly, but it could suggest that you may be wasting money heating a home that is not properly insulated. Leaking windows can also create extra moisture leading to damp and mould issues.

Another sign of age is if there are draughts coming from around the window frame, which could show that a seal has failed. Swollen or heavily painted windows can also become difficult to open and close.

Obviously, all these points also suggest that the security of your home may now be compromised, as the integrity of your windows has become affected.

Here at Scotts of Thrapston, we are committed to manufacturing timber windows that combine the charm and character of traditional windows with modern, compliant levels of insulation and security, while double glazing offers enhanced thermal and acoustic performance.

New timber double glazed windows can also maintain the style of the originals; retaining your property’s character and aesthetic appearance.

Glazing configurations and ironmongery are all individually chosen for each window and we can handle a wide variety of window requirements, using a range of hardwoods and softwoods from sustainable sources, all manufactured in our own purpose-built factory.

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