The school sports pavilion is an important part of education establishments around the country and needs to be designed to meet each individual school’s needs.

Physical activity at school helps provide youngsters with a well-rounded education and can sow the seed for a love of sport that could last a lifetime.  And, the school sports pavilion is at the centre of this activity.

Here at Scotts, we pride ourselves on the sports pavilions we create that can meet any school’s needs – from providing changing rooms and shower facilities for visiting teams, to giving shelter from the showers or providing the perfect backdrop for afternoon teas.

Designed and built to last for decades, we have supplied tailor-made buildings to a variety of schools, sports and leisure clubs.

As a business, we have noticed an increased awareness in the importance of sustainable buildings. Education budgets are always under scrutiny, so more emphasis has to be placed on finding energy-efficient solutions that can save schools money.

Although we still rely on the master craftsmanship of our joiners to construct most of our school sports pavilions, advances in technology, such as the use of engineered timber, allows us to create structures that are stronger than ever and built to last.

Utilising materials such as glue-laminated timber, in which timber is essentially packed together, means that we can achieve solid, structural strength comparable to steel and concrete.

Planning permission is generally required for pavilions and the Scotts team can assist with planning applications where necessary. We can also advise on design features that will blend in with existing architecture.

Once built, the only thing left is for your school to provide its field of dreams.

Take a look at our Pavilions photo gallery for some design inspiration to suit your school or club.