Spandrel panels offer a pre-assembled solution to separating party walls and external gables and can ease time constraints for builders and developers as well as prove cost-effective.

The system replaces the internal party wall masonry in the roof void and the UK construction market is waking up to the efficiencies that this roofing solution can provide, as it can knock days, if not weeks, off the build programme.

Off-site manufacture helps save time on-site as well as ensuring consistent reliability and quality.

Speed is one of the main advantages of spandrel panels as they reduce bricklaying labour time and help eliminate the risk of wall blow downs. There is also no need to wait for blockwork to cure before roof insulation. The resulting reduction in the use of scaffolding can also reduce costs and labour.

Bespoke designs can be manufactured to suit most needs, offering a flexible solution for a range of roof structures.

Spandrel panels from Scotts meet all fire and sound requirements, as outlined in the latest building regulations and Robust Details – the certification scheme for separating walls and floors in new build houses and bungalows.

They can act as a ‘barrier’ to the passage of sound and it is important to continue the separating wall construction up through a roof void due to the potential for sound transmission through the ceiling, via the roof void and over into the adjacent dwelling.

Scotts supplies spandrel panels as part of its overall package alongside roof trusses and metal web joists. Using a single supplier to manufacture roof trusses and spandrel panels reduces the need to use multiple traders, encouraging efficiency.