As the nights are becoming lighter there is nothing better for putting a Spring in your step then heading out into the garden and getting it shipshape after its long winter slumber.

Your garden will need a bit of help if it is truly going to bloom this season, so here are few tips on how to give your Spring garden a boost.

1. Time to spruce up
After a long, wet and snowy winter, it’s time to remove all the debris, so sweep up the leaves from your borders and lawns, clear your ponds, get rid of weeds, and repair your gates, fences and trellis. You can also sharpen your tools and clean the greenhouse ready for an exciting season ahead. Plus, as we move into mid-April and May, and there is less threat of an unexpected frost, it is time to prune your plants so that the new growth can take over.

2. Be prepared
Spring is also the time to think about soil care and using plenty of organic material, such as compost or manure, is a good starting point. You can also think about adding mulch to your flower beds and borders to help retain moisture. Roses should be fed with a special rose feed or a balanced fertiliser as they come into growth.

3. All new
Now is the time to add new colour to the garden and get creative – you could design a new border, plant up some colourful tubs or add some Springtime favourites to your garden such as pansies or primroses. Summer-flowering bulbs, such as lilies or gladiolus, can be planted in early spring. In mid-Spring, it is also time to transplant seeds and by late Spring you can be deadheading and removing bulbs.

4. Compost
Having your own compost is a boon for any gardener, so now is the time to think about setting up a compost area– either by using a ready-made compost bin or by building one. Compost benefits from grass clippings, veg peelings, paper and prunings. However, it is an efficient way to get rid of garden and kitchen waste and give your plants a boost.

5. Pest control
Keep an eye out for slugs as the weather starts to get warmer as they like new growth. If last year’s garden pots still have summer bedding plants in them, then clear them out now and also check for pests living in the compost.

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