The daffodils are budding, the weather is warming up and the clocks are going forward. All of this can only mean one thing, Spring is upon us!

Whether you choose to spend time with family or friends this year, organising an Easter gathering is a great way to bring everyone together to make the most of the annual celebration.

We take a look at some ways in which you can theme your garden and summerhouse to create the perfect Easter party:

  • Prior to the party, get the children involved and create an Easter bunny from Papier-mâché to stand tall and welcome your guests at the summerhouse door.
  • Brighten up the garden by decorating it with some seasonal flowers such as daffodils and tulips – vibrant colours will guarantee a happy bunch.
  • Hang pastel bunting around the garden, from your home to the summerhouse to bring the setting to life.
  • Use coloured chalk to design blackboards with ‘this way to the party’ signs, be as artistic as possible.
  • Think of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland and create a similar vibe inside your summerhouse. Quirky afternoon tea stands with a selection of treats will make it look eggs-tra special!
  • Organise an egg hunt and place eggs around the garden with clues to hint at the location of the next egg. The hunt should end in your summerhouse where the winner will be presented with a chocolate Easter egg to indulge.
  • Garden games like swingball, skittles and charades in the summerhouse will be a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

All that’s left to do is invite your guests and family and get the Easter party started!