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Roof Trusses

How much do roof trusses cost?

Scotts designs and manufactures roof trusses bespoke to each individual customer’s needs, therefore there is no one cost. A number of factors impact the cost of trusses, such as the type of roof truss required, the span, the pitch, the number of trusses and also the timber sizes used.

For more information, or a quote for your roof trusses, please contact our design team on 01832 732366, or simply complete our online enquiry form.

What are the different types of roof trusses?

We can design and manufacture a number of different types of trusses to suit your needs. The most common types of trusses include room-in-the-roof trusses (attic trusses), fink trusses, king post trusses and raised tie trusses, to name a few.

To see what other types of roof trusses our team are able to design.

What is the maximum span for roof trusses?

Our bespoke roof trusses are designed to meet your requirements and so we can design and manufacture trusses with larger spans. Our team are able to provide you with advice on this.

Please note the transportation of trusses can limit the span.

How far apart should roof trusses be set?

Roof trusses are usually installed at 600mm spacings from each other, but this can vary from job-to-job depending on your design criteria.

Truss spacings will be provided by your Designer in the drawing details, please adhere to them.

Can Scotts provide documents for safe unloading, storing and installing of roof trusses?

Yes, we are able to provide you with the relevant documents needed for the safe unloading, storing and installing of roof trusses.

Please get in contact with our design team on 01832 732366.

Why brace trussed rafter roofs?

To be able to create a rigid and stable roof structure, trussed rafters must be braced. You must ensure the bracing is not omitted, that it is correctly positioned and properly fixed as individual trusses may distort or fail, and this may cause the whole roof to fail.

Please ensure you follow the guidelines provided by the Scotts design team. If you require further information, please contact our team on 01832 732366.

How long can roof trusses be stored on site for?

Ideally, roof trusses should not be stored for long periods of time. If they do require being stored prior to installing they should be unloaded directly from the vehicle to a specifically designed storage rack or loading bay.

Roof trusses can be safely stored vertically or horizontally at ground level or any other properly designed temporary storage platform above ground level. For further information please see the TRA’s ‘Introduction to the storage and installation of Trussed Rafters on site’.

To minimise storage time on site, Scotts aims to deliver your roof trusses to meet your project timescales.

Room-in-the-Roof Trusses

What is a room-in-the-roof truss?

Room-in-the-roof trusses, or attic trusses, are a common type of truss to provide an extra level to a house without the need to change the footprint.

They serve as both a structural roof and floor in one component. It is a great way to offer additional living space of up to 65%.

Are room-in-the-roof trusses more expensive?

Room-in-the-roof trusses are designed to withstand habitable room loadings. This requires larger depths of timber are used for the bottom chord of the truss, which, unavoidably, increases the cost of the truss.

However, room-in-roof trusses are beneficial in adding an extra living space without needing to change the footprint of the house. They serve both as the structural roof and floor in a single component.

Scotts’ room-in-the-roof trusses from Scotts are designed to each individual customer’s needs and therefore can vary in cost. For more information, and a quote on room-in-roof trusses, contact our team on 01832 732366.

Metal Web Joists

What are metal web joists?

Metal web joists are parallel lengths of timber plated together with engineered metal webs. Scotts uses Wolf Systems’ easi-joists®, which offer a lightweight and strong solution for domestic and commercial buildings.

For more information go to our engineered floor joist page, or a quote for metal web joists, please contact our team on 01832 732366.

What is the maximum span for engineered floor joists?

easi-joists® can span up to large lengths due to Wolf Systems’ precision engineered metal webs. Scotts is able to design your metal web joists to meet your project needs and if a larger span is required we can provide the right advice to help you ensure these are correctly supported.

What are the benefits of metal web joists to its alternatives?

easi-joists® combine the lightness of timber with the strength of the Wolf Systems’ precision engineered metal webs, producing a floor and roof system that can span far greater distances to its’ alternatives.

The metal webs allow for easy access for the installation and maintenance of electrical services and pipes; the requirement to cut and drill holes into the timber is obsolete, saving installation time and costs.

Due to their lightness, easi-joists® can be easily handled on site, but they are exceptionally strong to accommodate heavier loads. Additionally, as they are manufactured in our off-site manufacturing facility, health and safety risks are reduced on site.

How much do easi-joists® costs?

Scotts easi-joists® are designed to each individual customer’s requirements and therefore there is no one price. The cost is determined by the span, joist depth and the number of metal web joists required.

For a quote please contact our team, or simply complete our online enquiry form.

Spandrel Panels

What is a spandrel panel?

A spandrel panel is a prefabricated structural timber panel which is used in place of masonry when constructing gable or party walls. Their off-site production means the build process is made much faster on site, both speeding up construction time and also reducing time spent working at height.

There are two types of spandrel panels that replace the need for masonry walls – gable panels and party wall panels.

What is a party wall spandrel panel?

A party wall spandrel panel is used between two properties and is clad on either side of the timber frame. This type of panel is required to provide a minimum of 60 minutes fire protection and should meet the sound insulation requirements, which are outlined in the latest Building Regulations and Robust Details®.

Party wall spandrel panels must comply with structural, thermal, sound and fire resistance performance standards and current building standards and regulations.

What is a gable wall spandrel panel?

A gable wall spandrel panel provides an alternative to the inner leaf of an exterior masonry wall at the gable end of a building. This type of panel must resist wind loads acting on the gable end walls, and any loads imposed by the outer layers of cladding.

Gable wall spandrel panels must comply with structural, thermal and fire resistance performance standards and current building standards and regulations.

How do you unload spandrel panels safely?

Spandrel panels are supplied with pre-attached lifting straps and can be safely unloaded using either a forklift or a crane.

How to store spandrel panels on site?

Scotts spandrel panels are supplied pre-wrapped in a weather-proof membrane to protect them from the elements on site. This membrane is then removed prior to installation.

To minimise storage time on site, Scotts aims to deliver your spandrel panels time to meet your project timescales.

How to install spandrel panels?

Installation details vary between each panel type. Our Designers will provide you with all of the relevant information for installation, or, alternatively, you can find out more via the TRA website

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Get in contact with our dedicated sales team on 01832 732366 or email

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