Timber garages may be aesthetically pleasing, offering design features that are great on the eye while providing excellent workspace, but timber itself offers something special for car enthusiasts.

As the popularity of vintage vehicles continues to grow, a timber garage actually has many benefits to help with their upkeep.

One aspect of timber in particular that suits classic cars is that it has naturally insulating qualities, which means the temperature inside the building remains pretty constant.

We all know from our school days in physics lessons, that wood does not conduct heat, and equally it can keep the cold out and this ability to maintain a steady temperature suits the storage of vintage vehicles.

Timber also maintains a good level of humidity as it lets moisture out. The jury is often out as to whether to put cars under wraps in cold weather due to the possibility of condensation, and a damp building will encourage rust. Therefore, timber can be a great product in helping to preserve your car.

Equally, exposure to sunlight can have an adverse effect on the paintwork of a classic car, but a well-designed timber garage can provide plenty of natural light, while also protecting the vehicle from UV light.

The skills of our design team also mean that timber garages can be extremely versatile, and can be built to suit all your needs. The design can be for one car or several, include a car port or not, leave space for a workshop or you can even add a room upstairs.

Our team can also design a building that matches existing architecture and incorporates individual features such as clock towers or weathervanes.

A timber garage truly makes the most of the versatility, beauty and practically of wood.

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