With one of the hottest summers recorded for years, it has become extremely tricky to ensure your horse is comfortable at home and when out competing.

We have pulled together seven top tips and ideas to help you improve the welfare of your horse during this time, as detailed below.

Fly ribbons

Hang up “NAF Off Stick’em up” fly ribbons in your horses stable to get rid of the flies. These super sticky fly ribbons are great for trapping flying insects. Hang wherever flies are a nuisance.  They are ready to use and disposable, with no poison or vapours.



Rear top stable door


Consider installing a rear top door in your stable. Not only does it give your horse a new perspective to keep them entertained in the stable, it also increases air flow during hot periods.



Louvred windows for equestrian stable

Are your windows a fixed pane?

If so, consider upgrading them to a Scotts louvred window instead.  You can adjust louvred windows, allowing for greater air flow during the summer.

The louvred design offers controllable ventilation and combined with the grille gives maximum security.  Louvred windows are available for brick or block built stables or for the renovation of existing timber stable buildings.


fly trap

Place some of these ingenious traps in your horses field, the flies are attracted to the large metal ball which heats up in the sun.

This horsefly and wasp trap is an excellent solution to get rid of 95% of horseflies and wasps.  It is designed to catch those aggressive insects which commonly create a lot of irritation to horses and livestock.




salt lick

Free-choice access to a salt block is essential in hot weather.

Simple Systems provide great salt lick in a reusable tub trug that is suitable for the field or stable.




Cooling Rug

The AeroChill Horse Cooling Rug was the winner of the BETA Innovation award 2018.

It is great for using to travel to competitions in hot weather and for cooling horses, after work, to aid muscle recovery.

Cooling boots are also available.



Horse shower

The Nomad Horse Shower has capacity to cool off and wash down two event horses after a competition. It is ideal to ensure you can cool your horse off quickly and effectively after a competition.



We hope you liked these top tips and that they will help you and your horse(s) have a lovely, cool summer whether at home or on the competition circuit.

And, if you would like to find out more about Scotts stables and how we could help you and your horses, all year round, then take a look at our Equestrian web page, e-mail: equestrian@scottsofthrapston.co.uk or phone Scotts on 01832 732366.