February means that love is in the air and Valentine’s Day provides everyone with the perfect opportunity to be romantic.

However, instead of presenting your loved one with cards and chocolates, how about showing your love in a more permanent way, by creating a beautiful Valentine-inspired garden?

Spring is the time to think about planting, so why not be inspired and instead of giving a dozen red roses, why not plant them instead for a longer-lasting sentiment?

Plants carry great symbolism, red carnations represent deep, romantic love, a clove means undying love, daisies show loyal love, heliotrope signifies devotion, honeysuckle shows bonds of love while the primrose, a perfect Spring flower, symbolises eternal love – however, watch out for plants such as yellow carnations in your garden of love as they signify rejection and disdain!

Did you know that since Roman times, myrtle has been a symbol of love and was often used in wedding rituals – a tradition revived by the Victorians, with Queen Victoria and many subsequent royal brides carrying the pretty white flowers in their wedding bouquets?

You can also look out for new varieties of seeds or bulbs to give your garden that romantic glow all year long, or research heart topiary shapes or hanging baskets that will add extra structure and texture to your garden.

As Spring arrives, your lawn may also need its first cut of the season but how about re-edging it into a heart-shape – perfect for a Valentine setting.

Of course, your summerhouse can be included in the scheme by adding certain features for a romantic welcome. Use lanterns both inside and out to create a soft glow, while fairy lights, especially heart-shaped ones, always provide a delightful focal point.

Add a few heart-shaped scatter cushions and red throws to provide warmth on an evening, and your summerhouse is ready not just for Valentine’s Day but a season of romance. All that’s left is for you to pop the champagne, open the heart-shaped chocolates and then enjoy wondrous hues of your love garden.