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Small Group Rooms


Scotts Education Buildings will design and build a small group room to meet your exact requirements. The downloadable booklet of layouts provide four sample suggestions for a 20sqm, 24sqm, 28sqm, and 32sqm. Please use this document as an idea generator and contact us to discuss the next step.

Our small group rooms can be used for many purposes: group tuition room, parent liaison room, teacher preparation room, music room, inclusion room, SEN therapy room, and more. We will work with you to design an interior that fits your needs. For example, when used as a therapy space for children with autism, we can create a low arousal, calm and clutter free environment, incorporating blue walls, blinds and brise soleil.
Each small group room will have doors and windows positioned according to the orientation of the building, to provide plenty of natural light and ventilation. The very well insulated walls, roof and floor will keep the warmth in during the winter months, as well as keep the building cool over the summer. Great acoustics are achieved by our sound absorbent wall and ceiling linings and carpet.