• What is a summerhouse?

    A summerhouse is an outdoor garden structure that is typically designed in timber to provide a cool shady place to relax or retreat from the summer heat and enhance your garden space. Or, indeed, despite its name, it is also a shelter for you to sit within your garden space, in the cooler weather.

    Scotts summerhouses are perfect to use all year round, even during the autumn and winter months. Our high-quality summerhouses are manufactured from Red Grandis and are available in different colours, shapes, and sizes, to provide the perfect garden hideaway.

    Find out more about our range of summerhouses.

  • What can I use a summerhouse for?

    Over the years the use of a garden summerhouse has constantly changed and evolved. Most people use a summerhouse as an extra room, an extension of their home. They are a practical building, adding an extra dimension, whether you need office space, a hobby room, music room, an outdoor eating space or simply an area to relax and enjoy your garden.

    Our summerhouses can be supplied with freestanding seating consisting of self-contained storage boxes with upholstery, but alternatively, you can supply your own seating and furniture to create a summerhouse to suit your needs.

    What you use your summerhouse for is entirely up to you. Scotts can help you design the ideal summerhouse to meet your requirements. Contact us today to start planning your garden summerhouse.

  • Do I need planning permission for my summerhouse?

    Summerhouses and garden buildings are classed as ‘permitted development’ so do not generally need planning permission. However, there are certain criteria to determine whether you need planning permission.

    Although, we cannot definitively express whether planning will be required for each individual case, we have provided a guideline list* to assist customers.

    *These guidelines are only intended to give an overview of the regulations but may be subject to changes in legislation. We recommend you contact your local planning authority for specific advice.

  • Do I need a base for my summerhouse?

    All summerhouses and garden buildings require a base to sit your summerhouse upon. It is important the base is correctly assembled, with a firm and level surface, to ensure the long-life expectancy of your summerhouse.

    Please ensure you obtain the base plan for your summerhouse, from Scotts, before constructing your base, so that it is built the ideal size.

    Alternatively, Scotts offers a Ground Screw base for your summerhouse. This is a fast and easy alternative to support your summerhouse on an uneven surface. Find out more about the Ground Screw base.

  • Where is the ideal location to place my summerhouse?

    Your summerhouse can be placed anywhere in your garden as you see fit. However, here are some factors to consider:

    • Would you prefer it facing the sun or placed in the shade?
    • Will it be located in the middle of your garden or situated in the corner to save space? All of Scotts standard summerhouses are over 2.5m in height, so it must be built 2m away from your boundary to comply with planning regulations. Full details available here: Planning assistance web page
    • Consider the view, would you prefer it facing your garden or your home? Scotts rotating base (an optional extra) allows you more flexibility as it enables you to simply turn your summerhouse to face the sun or even to change the view you have of your garden. This can be easily fitted to our Balmoral, Baltimore or 2.4m Burghley summerhouse models.
    • Also, do you need access to power in your summerhouse?

    Contact our summerhouse sales team for further information, email us gazebos@scottsofthrapston.co.uk or call us on 01832 732366.

  • What type of timber is used for Scotts summerhouses?

    The external cladding, wall framing, roof, doors, and windows are manufactured from Red Grandis, a sustainably-sourced hardwood timber from well-managed forests. Red Grandis is a premium quality, sustainable hardwood which is extremely durable, perfectly suited for outdoor buildings.

    The floor is manufactured from high quality PEFC® certified European Redwood which is vacuum pressure impregnated with Osmose Naturewood.

    All timber is carefully selected and has long life expectancy.

  • What extra features do Scotts provide on your summerhouses?

    Our summerhouse range can be enhanced with a variety of optional accessories to suit your individual needs. Personalise your summerhouse with the following:

    Furthermore, choose from the following range of innovative extras:

    • Rotating base
    • Padded lounger insert
    • Shelf feature
    • Tongue and groove effect lining
    • Floor covering
    • Leaded glass
    • Underlining to roof
    • Double glazing and insulation
    • Solar lighting
  • How do I maintain my summerhouse?

    Take a look at our summerhouse maintenance manual, for some guidelines and advice on maintaining your summerhouse through the years.

  • Where can I view Scotts summerhouses?

    We have a splendid summerhouse showsite at Thrapston, open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm (excluding bank holidays). We have a number of open days which are scheduled throughout the year at the showsite.

    A selection of our summerhouses can also be seen on display, all year round, at selected garden centres across the country.

    Find out where you can view a Scotts summerhouse.

    Didn’t find what you were looking for? Get in contact with our dedicated sales team on 01832 732366 or email gazebos@scottsofthrapston.co.uk.

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