Summer House Ground Screw Base

As with any garden building, a Scotts Summer House needs to be erected onto a pre-prepared, level and stable foundation.  However, in some circumstances, a concrete base is not feasible and can be cost prohibitive.

As an alternative, Scotts offers an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution to ensure your Summer house is stable.

A ground screw and timber joist base system is an excellent way to provide a safe and level foundation for your Summer house. Using ground screws takes a fraction of the time to install compared to an alternative concrete base.

Scotts works in partnership with The Ground Screw Centre to offer a complete package. Scotts has manufactured an adapted timber Summer house floor to offer the perfect base to work with the ground screws. And, there is no digging of foundations or mess and the base can be quickly installed.

Benefits of the Ground Screw Base

A ground screw base offers a quick and effective solution and is environmentally friendly. And, if you plan to relocate your Summer house in the future, this provides the perfect option with no lasting impact on your garden.

Ground screws allow you to save time and money when preparing a solid base for your Summer house.

The Benefits of the Ground Screw Base

  • Cost-effective compared to conventional foundation methods
  • Environmentally & ecologically friendly with no ground contaminates
  • Allows air flow to ensure your timber frame base remains decay free
  • Can be set right down to ground level or can be left elevated as below in areas of flood risk
  • Perfect for level or sloping sites
  • No heavy machinery required on site
  • Can be installed in a single day
  • Immediately loadable

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