Adding value to new housing developments

bespoke timber car barns

Scotts designs, manufactures and installs bespoke car barns and garages for UK housebuilders, contractors and developers.

Scotts car barns are individually designed, by in-house architects, to fit in with the aesthetics and character of new house styles as well as the local surroundings. Scotts works closely with housebuilders to ensure specific site and planning requirements are strictly adhered to.

Whether a single or four-bay design, bespoke car barns add value to any new housing development creating an essential shelter for motor vehicles as well as much needed, valuable storage space.

A Market-leading service

Many housebuilders and developers specify Scotts car barns for their new housing developments for the following simple reasons:

Bespoke design to fit in with individual house styles and designs
Extensive experience helping meet planning demands and project deadlines
CNC machining of detailed connections e.g. oak posts and braces
Directly employed installation team, working to your site conditions

In summary, whatever the requirement of your new development, Scotts offers very competitive rates, excellent service and the highest quality workmanship, from UK manufacture through to installation.

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