5 Easy Fixes to Revamp Your Summerhouse Ready For Springtime

As winter starts to thaw, your purpose-built garden summerhouse will be being put to more use than ever before and might benefit from a little bit of a revamp. Think about it – a quick restyle could be just the thing to improve your environment as we start to see the first hints of spring hiding just around the corner.

The work doesn’t have to be major or expensive, and a simple re-style could be completed in just a day. This article lists five of the best aspects to consider that are ideal for UK summerhouse owners. Try the top tips in each category and your wooden summerhouse will be transformed in no time:


You have a bespoke summerhouse in your garden, so why not focus on making it your own by reflecting your personality and lifestyle?

 Try incorporating elements from your hobbies or interests as decorative pieces, maybe your first golf club or what you’ve made when you’re diving into arts and crafts? You could bring in some of your favourite books or records into the space to give it some depth and interest points, and who knows? Maybe in the process, you might even rediscover some old favourites, which is what summerhouses are all about to us at Scotts – bringing you closer to yourself.


The summerhouse may be the perfect spot for looking out on your garden, but the current trend for houseplants means you can create a fabulous display inside too. It can bring your garden house closer to the nature in your garden, and could transform it into a timber inhouse of the garden rather than a separate entity. In the UK, some popular houseplants that are decorating and accompanying homes include the colourful kalanchoe, the tall and tropical areca palm, or even the fun and air-purifying pineapple plant.


Whether it’s photos of families and friends, fun holiday snaps or arty shots from city breaks, a carefully selected album of photographs will make your summerhouse a place surrounded by happy memories, helping you to boost your mood and inspire reminiscing.


The best house decorations come when the old is crossed with the new in interesting ways, so why not fit some new shelving and use them to display old favourites, or pep up the soft furnishings with some new cushions? One of the most popular things to do lately is embrace the 70s vibe and bring in a drinks trolley, which would set the scene for some classy parties out in the garden.


The floor is often the most effective ways of transforming the mood of a room. Much like the shoes on an outfit, it is one of the first thing we notice when examining the look of something. Our recommendations to brighten up your summerhouse space would be to use stunning stencils and fabulous floor paint to create an on-trend tile effect. Alternatively, when the weather does pick up, try a fashionable outdoor rug at the door of your summerhouse to create a greater sense of space and homeliness.

See our latest tips and tricks to get your summerhouse springtime ready!

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