The run-up to Christmas is a busy time for most households and finding a little bit of ‘me-time’ in which to escape the hustle and bustle becomes even more important.

Embracing hygge certainly helps the Danish enjoy their long, dark winter months. Originally, a Norwegian term for wellbeing, the concept of being aware of a good moment has been embraced as a way of living helping to make Denmark one of the happiest nations in the world.

With a little bit of planning, you too can turn your Summerhouse or Garden Room into a wonderful winter retreat and grab yourself the perfect hygge moment.

Cosy cocoon
If you can organise electricity and a small heater in your summerhouse, you can create an extension to your home throughout the winter months that will always provide a cosy retreat.

Create a welcoming glow by placing hurricane lanterns outside whilst texture also plays an important part in adding warmth. Plenty of cushions, faux furs throws and blankets will all help to create the perfect spot in which to curl up with a hot chocolate and enjoy a good book or listen to your favourite music.

Lighting is important too, whether you use lamps or fairy lights to create a twinkling wonderland, it is a lovely place in which to enjoy the night sky.

Closer to nature

It is well documented that nature helps to reduce anger and stress, thus boosting our emotional and physical well-being. We know many of our customers enjoy attracting wildlife to their garden and the animals and birds are especially keen to have extra food provided during the cold winter months. Hang a bird feeder near your summerhouse and enjoy watching all the activity of the wildlife outside, while you enjoy a moment of peace sitting inside.

 A summerhouse is an investment that can not only add value to your property, but it can extend your enjoyment of your garden during the winter months.

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