You have big plans afoot at work, and you can’t stop thinking about them once you get home. How do you switch off and make sure you pay good attention to the important people in your life?

We have spoken to both entrepreneurs and executives in our team and have come up with the following tips:

1. Don’t leave work stressed, frustrated or anxious. Listen to music on your commute that changes your state.

2. Plan your priorities for the next day. Decide what can be delegated to others before you leave the office. Don’t work hard, work smart.

3. After work is the prime time you reach for the unhealthy snacks, especially if you have skipped lunch. Avoid this by keeping a supply of healthy snacks close by. Consuming junk food can make people feel better temporarily but they are not ideal as long-term mood enhancers.

4. If you are over thinking a situation and not coming up with new ideas or solutions you need to break out of this cycle. Take yourself to a different environment – perhaps a dog walk or go and do the poo picking in the fields! The more menial the task the better, especially if it’s out in the fresh air too.

5. Immersing yourself in something that occupies your mind. Fix something that is broken, find something that needs cleaning or declutter a small area of your home. This can help you find solutions that may not have occurred to you before. It changes your emotional state and opens up more channels for creativity.

6. Participate in a sport and get your blood pumping around your body. There is nothing like pumping adrenaline to quiet your brain.

7. Make sure you are completely available to your children. Help them with their sport and homework. Focusing on something outside of yourself is a great way to distract the mind. Switch off your phone!

8. Don’t bring work issues home. A debriefing during dinner can be OK. But talking them to death will reactivate negative emotions.

9. Work with a business coach. Getting regular input and advice from someone outside your situation is remarkably freeing.

10. Technology is great at keeping you connected to anything and everything in your life. However, do try to switch off and put your phone in a separate room when you get home from work. Don’t look at it after 8pm as the light can negatively effect your sleep patterns.

Don’t be all work and no play. Go home and play hard.