With the recent news of the equine flu outbreak Scotts of Thrapston has put together 5 tips to help protect the horses at your yard:

  1. Put up a poster at the foot of your gate explaining your policy to protect against the outbreak.
  2. Purchase some disinfectant such as VirEquine – Broad Spectrum Disinfectant which is approved by DEFRA
  3. Create a boot wash station out of a tub trug wide enough for people to place their feet inside.  Dilute to manufacturer’s recommendations and put a lid on the container so it does not get tipped over or filled with rainwater.  Change regularly.
  4. Provide two brushes – one for brushing off debris and the other for scrubbing boots with disinfectant. Provide a hand sanitiser at the station as well.
  5. Send messages to all of your regular visitors to the yard (professionals such as farriers and freelance grooms, or anyone who visits other yards), explaining your protocol in advance and request they wear a clean set of clothes.

For further information, please visit and keep an eye on the advice from the British Equestrian Federation.