Hay and Haylage is often the primary feed for your horses especially over the winter.  So, we have undertaken a round up to help you get the most from your horse’s roughage.
hay analysis
1. Hay analysis

This is a great way to really be able to tailor your horses diet and work out the amounts of supplements and hard feed your horse really needs.  It is especially useful for horses prone to laminitis and those suffering from Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS).  Contact Forage Plus for more information on what test is best suited to your needs.

Haygain steamer
2. Haygain
Once you have worked out the nutritional value of your hay, you can then look to steam it.  The Haygain steamer is proven to reduce bacteria and spores and increases palatability over soaking. Haygain has various products suitable for single horse owners through to professional yards.
horse eating from a hay bar.
3. Haybar

We have been working with Haybar since their launch in 2004 and many of our stabling customers specify them on their equestrian build projects.  They are great at creating a natural feeding position for the horse and saving on wastage vs feeding from the floor or in traditional haynets and racks.

horse eating from a hay bar converted into a slow feeder
4. Slowfeeding SMHN Original

This company has come up with a safe way of converting the Haybar into a slowfeeder.  This makes the Haybar even more beneficial to the horse’s health by reducing the chance of ulcers.  It allows the horse to have continual access to forage rather than horses rushing hay and standing for long periods without eating.

horses eating from a portable hay bar
5. Haybar hack

We found this idea that someone has designed so that they can make their Haybar portable.  This design is great it you need to feed your horses hay in the field and illustrates how the horse owner will adapt anything to their horses needs!