One trend that has come out of lockdown is people’s love of a side hustle.

The definition of a side hustle: An extra job that someone takes in addition to their primary job, in order to supplement their income.

As the future may seem uncertain and job security is in question, many people have embraced the situation and become entrepreneurs in their spare time.

However, while this can be a positive step, business premises are not usually part of the scheme, and your home starts to double up even more as your office.

If you are working from home and have a side hustle, the need for your own space becomes even more essential, and this is where a summerhouse can prove invaluable.

It can act as a home office, an arts studio, packing room, and even a shop window. The garden buildings lend themselves to small businesses such as florists, jewellery makers, picture framers or painters, the list goes on.

But what makes a summerhouse the ideal premises for your side hustle? One reason is its material – timber, which has naturally insulating qualities. It means the temperature inside the building remains pretty constant providing a great environment for storing products and materials.

Timber can equally keep the cold out and this ability to maintain a steady temperature suits a home office. Although the addition of a small heater can help ward off particularly cold temperatures in the winter months.

There is also plenty of natural light, which is perfect if your side hustle is craft based – sewing, painting, decoupage – whatever your talent the light will add an extra dimension.

Using your summerhouses to launch a business, such as floristry, is a great way to test the water and see if a strong customer base exists before taking the more formal (and costly) step of hiring premises.

And, if your business does grow and you move on to a retail unit the summerhouse can quickly fulfil another need by providing a relaxing garden haven after a busy day!