It is claimed that one in four people every year develop anxiety, depression or other related conditions. There is also a growing number of research studies which give evidence that a connection with nature makes us healthier and happier.

Chris Granger is helped considerably by spending time outdoors.  She was diagnosed with ME at the age of 51 and has suffered with bouts of depression.  Chris has recently become involved with promoting outdoor activities for health and wellbeing benefits.

She said: “My garden is my happy place.  With adaptations such as raised vegetable beds making it possible for me to sit and garden, my physical (and consequently mental) health has slowly got back on track.  Although for some time I was unable to do any of the heavier gardening jobs, simply being outside for a dose of Vitamin D and fresh air whilst sowing trays of seeds, helped me start to feel better.

I also find peace and take rest in my summerhouse where I practice Mindfulness Meditation and it is the combination of all these things that keep me happy and far healthier these days.”

We believe that Chris’ story shows how spending time outside can improve your outlook, in addition to providing physical benefits.

Our summerhouses let in plenty of natural light, which is known to reduce depression and anxiety levels.

The buildings can also be used as a yoga room, gym or a place to meditate.  It offers the perfect retreat that is on your doorstep and provides an opportunity to unwind and give the brain a break, all year round.