Despite its name, a summerhouse can be a valuable addition to the garden throughout the year, even in the winter. From a hideout for watching winter wildlife to a cosy snug for enjoying marshmallows and hot chocolate, it is still a welcome retreat for enjoying spending time in the garden.

General winter housekeeping
Check your manufacturer’s advice regarding maintenance of your summerhouse. The timber used in Scotts summerhouses has been pressure impregnated to ensure longevity and protection from the harsh weather. With all summerhouses it is worth having a quick check on the paintwork as any touching up or repainting will need to be scheduled in to your Spring to-do list.

It’s also a good idea to check for any leaves that have gathered around the base of your summerhouse as they could potentially cause problems.  Check that any climbing plants have not penetrated the structure of the building and remove any that are getting too close to the roof, door or window frames. And, now is the time to take a few moments to check whether any general maintenance is required, particularly on the doors and windows.

Focal point
A well placed summerhouse is a welcome feature or a focal point in the garden and winter is an ideal time to make the most of this. Hang fairy lights or decorations from the structure to create a pretty winter wonderland and if you organise electricity and a small heater in your summerhouse it will still be a welcome warm and snug retreat. Add hot chocolate, marshmallows and a cosy blanket and it is the perfect winter’s evening to watch the night sky, catch up with a good book or listen to your favourite radio programme.

Party planning

If you are entertaining over the festive season why not serve pre-dinner drinks or the champagne as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve in your summerhouse?  As a setting it is sure to impress your guests and will provide a talking point amongst your friends and family. And, also it provides a good viewing point for those New Year firework displays.

Closer to nature
In the winter setting a summerhouse can offer welcome shelter from the elements whilst giving you the opportunity to still enjoy the tranquillity of the garden. At Scotts we have wonderful feedback from our customers who enjoy watching the birds and wildlife as they sit unnoticed by the animals in the sanctuary of the summerhouse.  Hanging birdfeeders or nuts close by ensures nature will be attracted to the area.

A summerhouse is an investment that will not only add value and intrigue to your property; it will also provide increased enjoyment from your garden and extend your living space into the cooler months.

For more advice and information on summerhouses in winter, call Kathryn at Scotts of Thrapston on 01832 732366.