What if a summerhouse could be made from a stable and durable wood that doesn’t shrink or expand as the weather changes?

What if it could be guaranteed for 50 years?

And, what if it required little maintenance, repainting or re-coating and allowed you to enjoy all the benefits of an additional room in the garden with ease, allowing you to pass your summerhouse on to the next generation or add value to your property?

Such a summerhouse is now available thanks to Accoya – one of the world’s most advanced wood products.

Accoya’s outstanding longevity, durability, low maintenance and sustainability mean it is the world’s leading modified wood product. It is fast becoming the material of choice for self-builders, joiners and carpenters across Europe, and now summerhouses are available in this wonder-wood.

Particularly suited to summerhouses and garden buildings, Accoya delivers huge benefits over traditional wood for outdoor use or structures that are exposed to the elements.

What is Accoya?
Whereas traditionally treated wood generally offers surface protection, Accoya differs in that it has been treated throughout. During a process called acetylation, the chemical structure of the wood is modified without anything unnatural being added. This means that every piece of Accoya offers consistent quality wherever it is cut or joined.

Outstanding stability and durability – Following the patented acetylation process, the wood’s chemical structure is altered. This offers the key benefit of reduced maintenance as water absorption is reduced dramatically and it is not subject to stretching and shrinking as with other woods.

Environmental benefits – Accoya is a completely natural construction material. It is non-toxic, sustainable and sourced from fast-growing responsibly managed FSC certified forests. It is Cradle to Cradle Certified? and is 100 per cent reusable, biodegradable and recyclable.

Standing the test of time – Extensive tests have shown that Accoya outperforms its competitors even in the harshest weather conditions or when submerged in water. It has a lifespan of 50 years above ground and 25 years below ground. Coupled with the reduced UV degradation, this means that summerhouses constructed using Accoya need replacing less frequently and require far less maintenance.

Scotts’ core range of five summerhouses is now available constructed from Accoya. As standard, an Accoya summerhouse will be offered in an oak stained option or, alternatively, customers can choose from the existing range of nine paint colour finishes. Accoya’s properties speak for themselves, not least its sustainability and environmental credentials. Here at Scotts, we know that the environmental impact of timber and where it is sourced is something our customers care greatly about.

Scotts has launched a limited edition 2.4m Accoya Summerhouse in 2016 with an exclusive upholstery set. Further details on this building, or on Accoya for the standard summerhouse range, are available from Kathryn Morris at Scotts of Thrapston on 01832 732366.