5 signs it’s time to replace your Stable Windows

Effective ventilation in your stables is essential for any time of the year. It is important to encourage the circulation of fresh air in your boxes, not only for temperature control but also to decrease the risk on any respiratory problems your horse may occur, such as equine asthma.

Stable windows are an essential solution for this. However, in time your windows may start to worsen and require replacing.

Here are five quick checks Scotts suggest to look out for on your yard.

  1. Is the timber window frame badly chewed, going rotten or showing signs of damage?
  2. Is the glass broken, falling out or not laminated for safety? Non-laminated glass should never be used for stabling.  Laminating the glass stops shards from entering the stable, if unfortunate enough to be shattered.
  3. Do your windows open or have a vent action? If not, your horse is not getting adequate ventilation and this will impact their respiratory health.  This is significantly important if your horse has specific issues like COPD.
  4. If you have integral grilles, are they bowing or rusting?
  5. Do you keep your horses in during the day in hot weather? If so, it is a good idea to add extra windows or top doors to create cross ventilation in the box and also to give your horse different perspectives to look out on to.

If you are looking to refurbish existing timber or brick built stables, or want to upgrade the quality of finish, Scotts provides a range of premium quality Stable Windows. They are built to complement both brand new buildings in timber or brick and block as well as period stable blocks in brick or stone. You can choose to colour match with your property’s paint work for a cohesive look to your stable and home.

Contact a member of the Scotts Sales Team, on 01832 732366, to discuss or confirm your requirements and they will then provide you with a total price. Or visit our Stable Windows page for more information.

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