Fulfil your dream of a new luxury outdoor space

If you have always imagined the perfect garden retreat, you need look no further than a luxury Scotts summerhouse. From the long-lasting paint finish that glows in the sunlight to the ergonomically designed free standing furniture and premium fabric designs, we are sure that your expectations will be exceeded.


Built using premium quality hardwood, Red Grandis, our summerhouses are custom-made to withstand the elements. Protecting the timber for even longer, we add a deluxe spray paint finish in a range of classic and contemporary colours that complement the tones of your garden planting. Providing five to seven years of maintenance-free life, so you can enjoy your summerhouse for longer. Our attention to premium quality continues under the roof of your summerhouse where you can choose from a range of luxurious seating options and fabric designs. Modular wooden seating provides convenient storage inside and is upholstered in style with padded seating and loose backrest cushions. Fabrics range from modern and contemporary to classic styles that complement your home and personal taste.


With so many variations, styles, and options to choose from, we have designed a step-by-step guide to take you through the decision-making process as you create your ideal luxury summerhouse. Simply follow this process to pinpoint the aspects and features you prefer. Choose the building design, roofing options, furniture, fabrics, and paint finish and apply them to the summerhouse model that appeals the most.


  • Firstly, choose the size and shape of summerhouse that best fits with your property and the way you envisage enjoying this extension to your home.
  • Secondly, choose from eleven classic paint colours depending on whether you want your summerhouse to blend in with the foliage or make a bold statement.
  • Next, decide whether you prefer integral modular seating and upholstery or free-standing furniture of your own.
  • Then select a fabric design to help create the ambience and style that you prefer.
  • Take a look at the roof options and decide from a range of finishes. (Remember to tell us if you need to limit the roof height to 2.5m or less when you make an order.)
  • Finally, browse our full selection of optional extras and choose whether to add a rotating base, shelf feature, solar lighting or tongue and groove effect lining.

View our luxury summerhouse range

We have six stunning Timber summerhouse designs for you to choose from, ranging from our smaller gazebo styles with optional rotating bases, through to more luxurious and spacious garden escapes, all fully customised to suit your tastes.

  • The Balmoral Summerhouse

    Traditional, classic styling and an exclusive shutter system offers the perfect retreat from the pressures of modern life. The Balmoral Summerhouse comes with an optional rotating base, hidden by timber skirting upon installation.

    from £5,800

    The Balmoral Summerhouse

    from £5,800

  • The Baltimore Summerhouse

    The Baltimore is an extremely popular octagonal summerhouse that suits most gardens and comes, as standard, with a glass-fibre roof. An optional rotating base gives you the freedom to move and turn your summerhouse as you please.

    from £8,770

    The Baltimore Summerhouse

    from £8,770

  • The Burghley Summerhouse

    The Burghley is our larger octagonal summerhouse perfect for alfresco dining, a studio or playroom, or to simply entertain family and friends. Why not add some additional freestanding seating with your choice of various upholstery?

    from £9,670

    The Burghley Summerhouse

    from £9,670

  • The Newhaven Corner Summerhouse

    Capture the magic of the garden, custom designed in two convenient sizes allowing it to neatly fit into a corner site in your garden. Built with sustainably sourced Timber and supplied with an luxurious, industrial quality paint finish.

    from £9,470

    The Newhaven Corner Summerhouse

    from £9,470

  • The Sun Ray Garden Room

    The ultimate garden sanctuary designed to create that “forever” garden space where memories are created and stories are shared.

    from £10,600

    The Sun Ray Garden Room

    from £10,600

  • Refer a Friend and Get Rewards

    Did you know that as the owner of a Scotts luxury summerhouse, you can claim rewards for yourself and your friends or family? You could earn as much as £500, subject to terms and conditions.

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Sumptuous colour finishes for your summerhouse

  • Wood Ash

    Wood Ash

  • Teal


  • Slate


  • Sage


  • Putty


  • Lilac


  • Forest Green

    Forest Green

  • Duck Egg

    Duck Egg

  • Birch


  • Aubergine


  • Aegean Blue

    Aegean Blue

Choosing the exterior finish from our appealing colour palette will help to define the character and personality of your summerhouse and ensure that it perfectly complements your outdoor space and the style of your home. Depending on the aesthetic effect you want to achieve, you can choose a colour that enables your summerhouse to blend in harmoniously with your planting or make a bold and striking statement. Talk to our team about the best colour options to complement your surroundings, taking account of your property style and broader location. The exterior colour you choose might be influenced by the style you have in mind for the fabrics and fittings inside.

The paint finish you choose will also serve to provide protection in the years ahead, preserving the timber and mitigating the potential impact of weather, insects, mould, or fungus. All Scotts summerhouses are supplied with a painted finish as standard. Despite the durability of hardwood, we recommend painting or varnishing your summerhouse soon after it has been installed if you opt for a treated model.

With our extensive and flexible range, we are sure that you will find the perfect summerhouse to fulfil your vision and bring your dream of a garden retreat to fruition. After you have chosen the size, shape and style that will best complement your garden, now is the time to browse our range of paint finishes and make your exterior colour selection. You can replicate a sophisticated paint finish inside your summerhouse by selecting optional tongue and groove effect lining which is supplied already painted and is available in off-white only.

As part of the build process, every summerhouse benefits from two coats of high-quality, durable paint to create a smooth and luxurious finish. In addition, we leave you with a tin in the same colour for any necessary touching up. If you need more, the paint is available directly from our supplier; contact us first before you order, and we will provide you with the precise details.

Please bear in mind that paint colours may vary on screen or in print illustrations. Accurate colour samples are available on request.

Smart and stylish fabric and seating

Our unique modular wooden seating concept is available for installation with each of the Scotts summerhouses in our range. This bespoke option includes comfortable padded seating in a range of premium fabrics, matching loose backrest cushions and a tented roof lining for a touch of luxury.

Seating is supplied in sections which benefit from deep foam block cushions adorned with piping detail. Loose backrest cushions are hollow fibre-filled and also available in a smaller size as a scatter cushion for an opulent touch.

Fabric styles for loose backrest cushions

Cushions and upholstery are available in a selection of designs and fabric types so you can choose a luxury or sustainable option at an extra cost as an alternative to our standard fabric. Choose from classic and contemporary designs according to your personal taste and style. Please bear in mind that fabric colours may vary from on-screen and print illustrations. Samples are available on request.

  • Honeysuckle Fig - Standard

    Honeysuckle Fig - Standard

  • Kielder Dove Grey - Standard

    Kielder Dove Grey - Standard

  • Kielder Natural - Standard

    Kielder Natural - Standard

  • Mappleton Charcoal - Standard

    Mappleton Charcoal - Standard

  • Sanderson Jackfruit Olive - Luxury

    Sanderson Jackfruit Olive - Luxury

  • Sanderson Paradesia Orchid Grey - Luxury

    Sanderson Paradesia Orchid Grey - Luxury

  • Wave Rose Blossoms - Sustainable Fabric

    Wave Rose Blossoms - Sustainable Fabric

  • William Morris Strawberry Thief in Slate Vellum - Luxury

    William Morris Strawberry Thief in Slate Vellum - Luxury

  • William Morris Willowbough - Luxury

    William Morris Willowbough - Luxury

Seat cushion fabric styles

We offer a choice of three subtle and stylish seat cushion fabrics to complement the set of modular seating you select.

  • Rose Water

    Rose Water

  • Silver


  • Stone


Modular Seating

Our modern sectional wooden seating is free-standing for greater flexibility and has been designed to fit like a glove within the footprint of your chosen summerhouse. You can move each piece into a variety of positions at your convenience. Each section can be opened to maximise useful storage space enabling you to pack away accessories and any items you wish to store inside your garden building.

Seating is finished with paint to match your choice of summerhouse colour perfectly integrating the interior and exterior. If you choose tongue and groove effect lining for the inside walls of your summerhouse, any modular seating you choose will be supplied in an off-white paint finish to bring the design concept together.

Why choose Scotts for your luxury summerhouse?

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Our friendly team is standing by to help you plan your summerhouse project. Whether you have been inspired by what you have seen here, or need some additional advice and support, do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to help you bring your perfect summerhouse to life.
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Choosing your perfect luxury summerhouse

Your choice of luxury summerhouse should take account of the style, shape, size, and colour that will perfectly deliver a stunning garden feature that you can enjoy all year around. Personalise a Scotts summerhouse and create your own quintessentially English garden retreat.

  • Luxury summerhouses

    Luxury summerhouses

    Luxurious fixtures and fittings

    Complete your summerhouse with the perfect features and finishing touches

    Luxury Summerhouses
  • Wooden summerhouses

    Wooden summerhouses

    Sustainably sourced hardwood

    Hand-crafted joinery and woodcraft built with skill and attention to detail

    Wooden Summerhouses
  • Garden<br />summerhouses


    From Scotts to your Garden

    We will help you to plan and prepare for the arrival of your summerhouse

    Garden Summerhouses
  • Refer a friend and get rewards

    Refer a friend and get rewards

    Rewards for valued customers

    Refer a friend and you can receive a treat of up to £500 and pass on a discount!

    Refer a friend

"Just a note to tell you that we are 'over the moon' with our new Summerhouse. We are very delighted and satisfied customers."

Mr and Mrs C, Mid Glamorgan

"Just to say I am thrilled to bits with my summerhouse and was most impressed that your men were so early."

Mrs J, Warwickshire

"Everyone has been so helpful and friendly and the men who came to put up the building are a credit to your company."

Mrs T, West Sussex

"The quality, workmanship, delivery and assembly all exceeded our expectations, and thank you personally for your hard work answering all our queries."

Mr & Mrs S, West Sussex

"We are delighted with our summerhouse and will enjoy it even in Winter with the lighting and heating installed."

Mr & Mrs S.
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Summerhouse Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a summerhouse?

    A summerhouse is an outdoor structure designed to enhance your garden space. Typically designed in timber, a summerhouse is flexible to provide a cool, shaded place to retreat from the summer heat, or a cosy hideaway for chilly spring and autumn days. Ideal for use as a craft room, yoga studio or gym, or even as outdoor bar, a summerhouse provides a unique and beautiful space for an idyllic garden upgrade. You can also add supplementary security and aesthetic features. Choose a glass fibre effect or cedar shingle roof, additional windows, or glazed doors to create a light-filled space.

    Scotts summerhouses are designed in a range of shapes and sizes. Small and traditional, our Balmoral summerhouse offers the perfect fit for a garden of any dimensions. Or you might want to make a splash with a sophisticated Newhaven corner summerhouse.

    Whatever the season, our luxury summerhouses can be enjoyed comfortably all year round enabling you to spend more time relaxing in your own, personal garden paradise. All Scotts summerhouses are built with craftsmanship using sustainably sourced hardwood which means they are exceptionally durable and hardwearing. You can view our range of summerhouse designs, colours, shapes, and sizes here.

  • What can I use a summerhouse for?

    In recent years, the way we enjoy summerhouses has continuously evolved. A luxury summerhouse effectively represents an extension to your home and can be used for whatever you desire. Depending on the size and location of your summerhouse, it could be a wonderful place for indulging in your favourite hobbies such as painting, crafting, or keeping fit in your own home gym. It could become your favourite entertaining space or a place to work quietly undisturbed. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

    We offer free-standing seating consisting of self-contained storage boxes upholstered in beautiful fabrics. Alternatively, you can simply arrange your own furniture to create a summerhouse that perfectly meets your needs.

    Allow Scotts to help you design the ideal space to bring your vision to life. If you would like some inspiration, take a look at what some of our satisfied customers say. Contact us to start planning your garden summerhouse project.

  • Do I need planning permission for my luxury summerhouse?

    Summerhouses and garden buildings are regarded as ‘permitted development’ so they do not usually require planning permission, although some criteria apply. While we cannot provide definitive advice on whether planning permission is required in each individual circumstance, we hope that these guidelines will assist you.

    *The guidelines are intended to give an overview of regulations which may be subject to changes in legislation. We recommend that you contact your local planning authority for specific advice.

  • Do I need a base for my summerhouse?

    Summerhouses and garden buildings all require a firm base constructed on a level surface to promote their stability and longevity. You will need to obtain the base plan for your choice of summerhouse from Scotts before the base is constructed to ensure that the size and dimensions are appropriate.

    Alternatively, Scotts offer an innovative and convenient ground screw base that will provide the perfect support for your summerhouse on an uneven surface. Find out more about our ground screw base here.

  • Where is the ideal location to place my luxury summerhouse?

    Your summerhouse can be installed anywhere in your garden. Below we look at some of the factors you should consider before making your decision. Think about whether you would like your summerhouse to be:

    • Located to face the direction of the sun or placed in the shade
    • Situated in the middle of your garden or in a space-saving corner
      All Scotts’ standard summerhouses are over 2.5m in height so they must be installed at least 2m from your boundary to comply with planning regulations. Full details are available here.
    • Facing the garden or your home
      The Scotts rotating base can be selected as an optional extra to allow you more flexibility. Turn your summerhouse to face the sun or change your vista as required. The rotating based can be fitted to the Balmoral, Baltimore or 2.4m Burghley summerhouse models.
    • Fitted with a convenient power supply.
  • What type of timber is used for Scotts summerhouses?

    The external cladding, wall framing, roof, doors, and windows are manufactured from stable, durable, and dense Red Grandis, a premium quality, sustainably sourced hardwood timber derived from well-managed forests.

    The floor is manufactured from high quality PEFC® certified European Redwood which is vacuum pressure impregnated with Osmose Naturewood.

    All timber is carefully selected to deliver a maximum lifespan.

  • What extra features do Scotts offer for their luxury summerhouses?

    Our luxury summerhouse range can be enhanced with a variety of optional accessories as required. You can personalise your new summerhouse with a range of:

    • colour finishes
    • fabric styles and seating
    • roof materials.

    In addition, you can select from a number of innovative features including:

    • rotating base
    • padded lounger insert
    • shelf feature
    • tongue and groove effect lining
    • floor covering
    • leaded glass
    • underlining to roof
    • double glazing and insulation
    • solar lighting.
  • How should I maintain my summerhouse?

    For guidelines and advice on maintaining your building throughout its lifespan, take a look at the Scotts summerhouse maintenance manual we provide at the time of sale. If you require a replacement copy, please email a request to gazebos@scottsofthrapston.co.uk

    To assist your decision-making, why not visit our stunning summerhouse show site at Thrapston which is open from Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm, excluding Bank Holidays)? We organise several open days at the show site throughout the year. In addition, our summerhouses can be seen on display all year round at selected garden centres across the country. Find out where you can view a Scotts summerhouse here.

    Not yet found what you were looking for. Contact our dedicated sales team on 01832 732366 or email gazebos@scottsofthrapston.co.uk and we will get in touch.

Finance available

At Scotts of Thrapston we are committed to delivering excellent service and for customers who may prefer the option to spread the cost of their summerhouse or equestrian building with a buy now, pay monthly package.

To find out more about Ideal 4 Finance please click the button.

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