As we head for the Southport Flower Show this month, we thought we would share some of our design ideas on how you can theme your summerhouse to make it stand out from the crowd.

Every year, ahead of our attendance at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, we get the experts in to come up with amazing themes for our summerhouses – themes that not only make us stand out at the shows but are also great for your gardens. This year was no exception as we exhibited five summerhouses.

3.9m Sun Ray Garden Room

Our spacious garden room means that you can let your imagination run riot as you furnish it yourself. This year we took inspiration from the trend for outdoor entertaining and created a lavish summerhouse that is perfect for an elegant garden party. Think special birthdays and golden weddings and you can imagine dining in style.

Wall hangings, wall art, mirrors, candelabras and sconces are great ways to set the scene. We used chair bows, flower decorations and beautifully presented napkins to add a touch of style that shouts celebration. Candles are a great addition if you are dining through the evening, but beware, in the heat of the day they can melt if not monitored. You can also decorate outside your summerhouse, adding large lanterns, or fairy lights to create a welcoming glow during the evening.

2.4m Burghley Summerhouse

We looked to nature for the inspiration for our Botanical Retreat drawing on shades of green to bring the garden into your summerhouse.
Adding a few hothouse plants creates a welcoming vibe while pictures and wall hangings can perfectly reflect your theme.

Green represents nature and health providing the perfect place in which to relax and unwind.

2.2m Newhaven Corner Summerhouse

This year we linked up with handcrafted artisan gin producer Warner’s Distillery, which is also a Northamptonshire-based business. In honour of this partnership, we themed our summerhouse as a Gin Palace, in keeping with the one of the most popular drinks on the market.

Focusing on lemons added a real zing to our design, along with gin inspired artefacts. However, you can let this theme run riot, creating your own bar or cocktail lounge where you can effortlessly entertain family and friends.

The Baltimore

Themed as a Garden Hideaway, we used one colour as the base for our summerhouse which can have a huge impact – especially if you pick a calming colour such as lilac. Evoking garden favourites such as hydrangeas, freesias and lavender, it is perfect all year round, reflecting the colours in your garden.

Equally, a vibrant colour can give a more youthful vibe, perfect if your children will be heading out into the garden.

The Balmoral gazebo

Everyone loves to be beside the seaside, so we created the perfect beach hut which has been a popular style trend for years and shows no sign of waning. Wicker baskets and driftwood evoke memories of summer fun on the beach so are a great starting point for your design.

You can use bold statement pieces inspired by the sea, such as anchors, shells and fish to create a fun retreat which evokes the summer – no matter what the weather is like outside.

We hope this has given you some inspiration to theme your summerhouse. However, our customers are more creative than us, so we hope you can send us photos of your own beautiful internal summerhouse decor and theming.