The saying goes that ‘Gardening adds years to your life, and life to your years’ and it is well documented that tending plants is a great boost for your mental health and can help relieve depression, anxiety and stress.

During these difficult times, more and more people are reconnecting with simple pleasures, be it gardening, baking or reading.

And to celebrate all the positives that a garden can bring, the RHS is launching its National Gardening Week once again from Monday April 27th through to Sunday May 3rd 2020.

No matter what your age, young and old can benefit from being out in the garden, enjoying a healthy dose of fresh air and sunshine. It is also a wonderful activity to enjoy with your children, a mini-biology lesson as they learn about plants and how to look after them, the insects that depend on them and the wildlife visitors that pop into your garden from time to time.

The RHS is calling on people to go out and look after their physical health and wellbeing by tending their plants.

The annual event encourages people to share their passion for plants on social media and we hope our summerhouse owners will join in and share why they love their gardens and the positives that they bring.

Major landscaping and planting are out of the question, during the current lockdown, but there are still plenty of jobs to be done. Weeding and deadheading is a much-needed task in the Spring and provides quick results. You also need to protect fruit blossom from late frost and tie in climbing roses.

As your daffodils fade, you can also think about lifting and dividing clumps of spring-flowering bulbs ready for next year. It is also time to feed plants and look after your lawn. Hedges can be clipped, making sure you check for nesting birds beforehand.

Furthermore, you can take time to improve your skills by learning more about gardening online and share your knowledge during National Gardening Week. Tending, nurturing and planning can be three steps to a garden that provides year-round joy.

To find out more about National Gardening Week, visit the RHS website.

Gardening Week