Scotts of Thrapston has joined forces with The Ground Screw Centre to provide its customers with another option when choosing a base for their summerhouse.

In our centenary year, we are pleased to offer a contemporary twist to our summerhouses which can make it even easier for people to prepare their garden ready for their new summerhouse.  The ground screw base is a welcome addition to the Scotts product offer.

The Ground Screw Centre, based in Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, is the UK’s leading supplier of self-installation ground screws.

The multi-purpose system provides year-round use and is perfect for garden structures as they provide a cost-effective foundation system that is easy to use and provides an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to a concrete base.

Scotts has manufactured and adapted its timber summerhouse floor to offer the perfect base in conjunction with the ‘Self Install Ground Screw Foundation System’.

Steve Hawthornthwaite, spokesman for The Ground Screw Centre, said: “We are delighted to have formed a partnership with Scotts of Thrapston as they recognise the benefits that our product can bring to their customers.

“When deciding on a summerhouse base, the ground screw and timber joist base system is a cost-effective way of providing a safe and level foundation in any garden and takes a fraction of the time to install compared with a concrete base.

“It is easy to install and means there is no digging and no need for costly skips. The system is immediately fully loadable and reusable, as the ground screws can be removed and used again and again.”

Our summerhouses need to be erected on a pre-prepared level and stable foundation, and concrete isn’t always the answer, especially in uneven gardens or where there is a potential flood risk.

The Ground Screw system offers our customers a great alternative while also providing practical and financial benefits. We are always looking at ways to improve our offering, especially as we head into our next 100 years.

Further details available on our dedicated Ground Screw web page.