Last year revealed a growing trend among our summerhouse customers to have a beautiful garden building that can be used all year round.

Many of our customers requested that the walls and roof areas were lined, with insulation, and that the windows were double-glazed when they placed an order.

Creating more useable outside space has been on-trend for the past few years, and a summerhouse is the perfect way to provide year-round entertainment and put an otherwise unused corner of the garden to good use.

All of our summerhouses, except the Balmoral, can be internally lined, to eaves height. We use 9mm thick exterior grade, moisture resistant, MDF tongue and groove effect lining, in an off white painted finish, which is fitted to the walls. All panels are pinned, and skirting is fitted to the bottom of each panel. This lining adds the perfect finishing touch to any building. If desired, insulation can also be supplied to help lock in warmth.

We also offer double glazing and insulation for all summerhouse models, excluding the Balmoral. The double glazing is supplied with clear, low E energy saving glass. The shutters on the Balmoral are fitted with 3mm thick removable clear acrylic sheeting for ease of cleaning and painting.

Colour is also a great way to make your summerhouse stand out. Last year, the three most popular colours chosen by customers were Duck Egg, with Birch second and Wood Ash a close third.

Grey overtones are certainly still in vogue, not only for the outside finish, but for the upholstery as the Silver Birch design lead the way. This calming design helps to create a soothing place in which to enjoy your garden.

The second most popular choice of upholstery was Linen Check which gives a smart symmetrical appearance while Woodland was in third place with soft hues creating a quiet space in which to relax.

For the second year running, the most popular summerhouse model was the 2.4m Burghley – a spacious octagonal summerhouse that features doors and windows that can be hooked open during a warm day or closed to provide the ideal garden hideaway when the temperature drops.

The 3m Burghley took second place and it is also becoming increasingly popular for outdoor entertaining as it provides a great space in which to sit down and enjoy a barbecue or dinner party with family and friends.

The third most popular garden building was the 3.4m Sun Ray Garden Room. As well as being a great place to entertain, this classic design has proved incredibly popular as an office, home gym or hobby room whether for painting, yoga or reading.

A summerhouse can fulfil many different roles, but if your garden is lacking some oomph in the style stakes then it can be the perfect addition.