Throughout 2019, we saw a growing trend for luxury housing developers to remove traditional brick-built garages from their plans in favour of bespoke timber car barns.

We see no sign of this trend stopping as housebuilders seem to be moving away from traditional brick garages to oak-fronted timber garages, car barns or car ports. These attractive buildings help to differentiate a developer’s product from their competitors, as the car barns are aesthetically more pleasing and a higher value product.

By working closely with housebuilders, we offer a service whereby we can design, supply and erect these timber-engineered products. Our timber car barns are prefabricated offsite and installed in 50% of the time, compared with a traditional build.

Design is also important, and our in-house architects work closely with the developers so that our buildings are in keeping with the aesthetic and character of the new house styles and the local surroundings. Design is especially important if the project involves the restoration or conversion of an historic property. Crafted details, such as bat houses, can also be added.

We also work closely with housebuilders and developers to ensure specific site and planning requirements are strictly adhered to.

Whether a single or multi-bay design or a spacious courtyard, bespoke timber car barns can add value and style to any new housing development.