Whether you’re spending time with family or friends this Halloween, throwing a party is an ideal way to bring everyone together to make the most of the occasion.

And the ideal location has to be your garden, where your summerhouse can be turned into a creepy cabin to create a truly eerie setting.

Add outdoor candles, carved pumpkins and provide some warm throws and you can create the perfect setting for both young and old to enjoy some spooky fun.

Here’s what you could do:

  • Create signs from your home to the summerhouse with scary phrases like ‘Follow the signs if you dare’, ‘Don’t look behind you’ or ‘This way to the creepy cabin’.
  • Play some Halloween music and your party is ready to become a real thriller.
  • Fill pumpkins with candles, real or battery-powered, or fairy lights and place them around the summerhouse to create the perfect setting
  • Use the summerhouse for pumpkin carving and see who comes up with the best design.
  • Pull apart cotton wool and hang it from the ceiling to imitate spider’s webs.
  • Use orange and black balloons to decorate your summerhouse inside and out to add to the party atmosphere.
  • Play great games in the garden, such as apple bobbing – just fill a barrel with water and apples which players must retrieve using only their teeth. You could also play a ghoulish spoon race – paint ping pong balls to resemble eyeballs and play the game in the same way but as an eye and spoon race instead!
  • You can also turn your summerhouse into a face painting parlour to turn your guests into Halloween horrors – muah-haha!