As we are moving into unprecedented times and looking at a period home-schooling our children, we thought we would round up some ideas and resources to help you teach and entertain your horse mad children at home.

In other countries such as France, many types of physical activity such as cycling and horse riding have been banned, so that any accidents do not impose on medical resources.

During this time, it’s important to use this time as positively as we can, building stronger equine and family relationships as well as getting our yards organised and undertaking jobs that we don’t often find time for.

Let’s find some positives living a slower, simpler life and enjoy hunkering down with our loved ones humans and fur babies, which will be important for our mental health during this time.

Our top horsey resources for home-schooling your children are listed below.  (Click on the title for further information.)

Horses Fun-Schooling Journal

This journal gives your child some structure to every day. Ideally, they should complete 10 pages each day  so it forms a great lesson plan. And, covering all subjects with a horsey link is a great and fun way to get started in home-schooling.

Horselovers Maths

These resources are a great way to hide maths problems through real life examples of keeping horses. They have two levels and the work books can be downloaded as an instant PDF.

Horse Agility

Join up to the horse agility club for some ideas for non-ridden activities you can do with horses, if they do enforce a riding ban in the UK. You can download some activities you can do in your field or arena using poles, cones and other items you are likely to find around the home.

What if you don’t have your horse at home?

Why not set up a dressage test in your back garden and get the children to pretend they are the horses? Get them to score and learn about the rules of dressage in more detail.

We hope that these ideas have given you a bit of a boost into the world of home-schooling so that you can embrace this time with some creativity and structure.