Erecting a summerhouse in your garden not only gives you a delightful place in which to enjoy your garden, it can also be a bit of a style statement.

Our summerhouse designs can suit all needs, providing bench seating or an open space which you can furnish in your own style. You can also select a colour that reflects your garden planting theme.

Summerhouse Roofs

However, another aspect that adds greatly to the look and feel of your summerhouse is the roof.  Many of our summerhouse models are supplied, as standard, with an exceptional moulded, composite glass fibre roof, which provides a maintenance free life of 20 to 30 years.

These roofs provide ultimate protection against UV rays and realistically simulate slate tiles or lead, particularly stylish if your home is a more modern design or in the city.

Natural Look

Alternatively, all of our summerhouses can be finished, at an additional cost, with a treated cedar shingle roof, which produces a more natural effect to blend in with any garden.

The cedar shingle roof is also supplied complete with a striking genuine copper finial on some models. It makes for a stylish summerhouse that also perfectly suits a country garden or period setting.

A timber roof structure is hand made by us from stress graded timber with a breathable underlay to ensure a watertight finish. We fit the highest quality, number one grade, Western Red cedar shingles, to give a 20 to 30-year life expectancy with minimal maintenance.

Planning Compliance

A selection of the Scotts summerhouses can be supplied with a modified roof to keep the height of your building under 2.5m.  This is sometimes necessary to comply with planning regulations.  This modified summerhouse roof may not be as aesthetically pleasing, yet it offers an alternative where planning regulations dictate a lower height building.

Finishing touch

You can also decide on the finish inside the roof as a plain cream fabric roof lining is supplied, as standard, for all of the roof options for our summerhouses range. Alternatively, the cedar shingle roofs can be underlined in MDF and painted in off white.

Our summerhouse roof and building designs can work with your garden setting, evoking the character and feel of your home and personality.

Take a look at our photo gallery to see which summerhouse roofs you prefer.