February is truly the month of love and romance – not only because of Valentine’s Day but because 2020 is a Leap Year as well!

By adding a few simple touches to your summerhouse, you can turn it into a romantic retreat – perfect for Valentine’s or, ladies, for that very special proposal!

Lighting is important when it comes to creating a romantic atmosphere, and lanterns are a perfect way of adding a warm, welcoming glow to light up your summerhouse as you lead your loved one down from the house to your perfect retreat.

Fairy lights can add extra sparkle, while heart-shaped ornaments and cushions are a fashionable way of adding a stylish touch, especially if you want to serve dinner in your summerhouse. You can also provide red throws to make sure your loved one stays warm and cosy.

However, as a finishing touch – why not let flowers speak the language of love for you? Having orchids inside your summerhouse not only adds colour, but the Victorians believed that this flower was a symbol of beauty and luxury and it was thought that the rarer the orchid, the deeper your love and affection.

Equally, the traditional red rose is a beautiful addition to a dinner table and is perhaps one of the most iconic symbols of romantic love, while exotic red camellias add an extra dimension by saying- you’re a flame in my heart.

Equally, the primrose symbolises eternal love and could be displayed both inside and by your summerhouse doors, creating a perfect welcome.

However, if you just want to get straight to the point, find a bunch of red chrysanthemums as they simply mean “I love you”.

So, if you are lost for words, let some flowers do the talking as your love blossoms!