Having exhibited at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show for decades it has become more than just an event for us.

It is engrained in the Scotts psyche and an important part of our calendar, but it has also become a great showcase for new products and ideas.

Last year, we were proud to launch a new range of summerhouses in an ethically sourced hardwood. We had listened to customers’ demands for sustainable materials with high life expectancy and started making our summerhouses out of Red Grandis as it is versatile, stable and high-performing.

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show proved to be the perfect platform on which to put this new product under the spotlight.

It is also a great occasion to launch new fabrics and this year would been no different, as we planned to showcase a new range to give people even more choice.

This time, our designs are quite distinct and help to create two very different moods – vibrant or calm.

We have been inspired by the energy that bright colours evoke and have used dazzling pinks, blues and apricots as they really make an impact.

Our designs, Camarillo Tango, Cinnebar and Dragonfly, reflect the rich summer hues of a garden bursting into colour. With thoughtful planting, these eye-catching colours can create a real showstopper in your garden, which is perfect for the family, entertaining and fun afternoons.

However, for others, their summerhouse is a quiet haven, an escape from the bustle of the house where hobbies such as reading or meditation can be enjoyed and so a calmer vibe has also been catered for.

Paradise Fennel, Pastel and Silver Birch bring more muted tones to the colour palette and a gentle elegance that is perfect for a relaxing day.

Whatever your mood, there is a new fabric to suit you!