Offsite manufacturing has become an increasingly popular modern method of construction (MMC), helping speed up the build of new homes across the UK. Timber engineered products, such as roof trusses, metal web joists and spandrel panels, are manufactured offsite and are then transported to a construction site, when required, offering numerous benefits to the housebuilder.

As there is a growing demand for new build homes in the UK, by the government, housebuilders are under pressure to meet these demands. This is where offsite manufacturing can help speed up construction time.

Speeding up construction onsite

Our timber engineered products are all manufactured in a controlled factory environment and, therefore, housebuilders only need to install the fully manufactured component onto the house. Plus, timber products, such as roof trusses, spandrel panels and metal web joists, can all be installed in a matter of days, rather than weeks, compared to traditional brick and block.

Furthermore, whilst the roof trusses, spandrel panels or metal web joists are manufactured in the offsite factory, the rest of the build can be completed. The products can then be manufactured on time and delivery can be scheduled for the exact dates required.

Weather conditions do not have much impact to construction time as it usually would, as trusses and joists are manufactured in a factory environment, again, helping to increase the speed of the build.

And finally, the UK’s skills shortage can impact build speed. The construction industry has an ageing workforce, meaning the number of those with the skills and knowledge of traditional construction are declining. Offsite manufacturing means housebuilders no longer need to spend time (and money) training new workers with the more complicated construction process.

Offsite manufacturing is well placed, making an invaluable contribution to housebuilders due to its ability to deliver high quality homes at an increased speed.

This growing MMC can offer numerous other benefits, such as reduced costs, improved product and manufacturing efficiency, improved health and safety onsite, reduced waste onsite and reduction in our carbon footprint.

All of Scotts timber engineered products are manufactured in our controlled offsite manufacturing facility in Thrapston and then delivered, just in time, to site when requested.

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