The end of British Summer Time is one of the peak times when burglaries occur. Longer periods of darkness give intruders that extra bit of time, and while the weather is still being kind it provides perfect conditions. And, your stables, unfortunately, are as much at risk as your home. Do you have a secure stable yard?

Thieves targeting stable yards are generally opportunist going for a quick result, looking for items that can easily be stolen then sold on easily. So, we have provided some useful tips and advice that we hope will lead you towards a more secure stable yard and deter anyone breaking into your yard this winter:

  1. When planning a new development look at a courtyard design with high security fencing.
  2. Security lighting over the entrances to the yard and CCTV is a must for crime prevention and possible prosecution of criminal behaviour.
  3. Store vulnerable items securely, away from obvious view, while items like ladders and shovels that could help thieves break into other areas of your yard should also be secured. And, ideally, make sure any wheelbarrows, which are designed to carry heavy objects, are also locked away out of sight.
  4. Ideally, for a more secure stable yard, a tack room should be positioned within the centre of the layout rather than at the end of the yard. And, it could even be designed to be within another room, offering two entry points as an added deterrent.
  5. We offer a high security, inward opening, tack room door complete with a high security, multi point lock incorporating anti-pick technology to prevent opportunist theft. A galvanised steel sheet is fitted to the inside of the tack room door for additional security, as well as the hinges being on the inside.
  6. We would highly recommend not having any windows in a tack room. If you do have windows, however, make sure they have security bars/ grille fitted. We can supply galvanised grilles for windows, at an extra cost, and offer laminated glass, as standard.
  7. Fit locks to trailers and horse boxes – and don’t store equipment in them to give thieves a welcome surprise.
  8. Put plenty of signs up highlighting the fact that you have a security system in place, e.g. that CCTV, dogs etc. are on your premises.

If you are looking to refurbish existing timber stables, or want to upgrade the quality or security of finish, we provide a range of doors and windows to suit. They are built to complement both brand new buildings in timber or brick and block as well as period stable blocks built in traditional materials.

We hope these tips will help you start thinking about security and how you can create a more secure stable yard.